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There are  more than 100 fatal poisoning a year in Hungary on account of reflowing carbon monoxide.

The reasons: the gas firing equipment were repaired unworkmanlike and incorrect, the periodic maintenance missed, the air exchange/air supply was inadequate because of  the new doors and windows are designed according to the intensified closing requirement. There are some gas equipment they are very old and vorn out. The controll of chimneys was missed.


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If you have any question – if it’s seemingly unsolvable and connects to the setting gas equipment – don’t hezitate to call  our Call Center. Nobody  think the poisoning can occure with an other man only.It can come about whenever with OURSELVES  too.

The carbon-monoxide

The carbon-monoxide is a colorless, inodorous and savourless gas. It generated during defective burning of carbon compounds, mainly during operating internal combustion motors.
It usable as fuel also, mixed with air can burn with tipical blue flame. Widely used in chemical industrie as ground materrial.

Formula: CO
Density:  1.15 kg/m3
The molar mass: 28.01 g/mol
IUPAC-identity: Carbon-monoxide
Boiling point: -192.5 Celsius
Melting point:   -205 Celsius

Carbon-monoxide poisoning

The carbon-monoxide poisoning befalls by inhalation carbon-monoxide gas which can cause death also.It is the most frequent household accident which caused by a demaged fire equipment but can caused by another reason.

  • first period: the sufferes poisoning one is worried, distubed or dopey, has headache maybe, can vomit also.
  • second period: muscle cramps at limbs, and later on the whole body, unsconciousness. The patient become unsconcious can puke also, this can cause ashpyxia.
  • third period: muscle relaxation, respiratory arrest, death.

Symptoms caused by different CO- concentrations:

CO concentration/Vol %Effects

after 2-3 hours mild headache, tiredness, dizziness, nausea

0,04 after 1-2 hours forehead pain, threat to life
0,08 after ¾ hour headache, sick, after 2-3 hours > death
0,16 after 20 minutes fainting, after 2-3 hours > death
0,32 after 5-10 minutes fainting, within 15-20 minutes > death
0,64 after 1-2 minutes fainting, after 10-15 minutes> death
1,28 within 2-3 minutes > death


The prevention of the CO-poisoning:

  • you have to check the heating system yearly by a certified service technician.(by a chimney sweeper also). He has to check the status of the heating units, the piping and wiring also.The expert has to analyze the parameters of the components of the generated gases.
  • The ovens, cookers, stoves, chimneys, convectors and boylers you have to install  by an expert. The examination, periodic maintenance, checking and the repairing, assembly or changing the heating equipment you have to carried out ba a certified service technician also.
  • you have to check the chimnies yearly to avoid the cloggings and constipations.
  • The operating a heating system by gas or kerosene you can do in the rooms equippped with good ventilation. At night or in the sleeping room or you have to leave the house you have to turn off every time all heating equipment.
  • Don’t use a barbecue operated with cole in closed rooms: in the flat, in garage, in caravan.
  • Don’t let to run the motor in the garage.
  • Install you a CO-detector in your house! This installation you have to let to an expert. Select you a reliable CO-detector which meets with international standards.

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