The regulation of the using in our web warehouse:

Welcome to our web warehouse.You can do shopping here more easily, faster and with favorable conditions as in a conventional computer shop. You can choose in several categories the products of noted manufacturers and you can see the picture and technical parameters of the product  also.  We tried to build up our warehouse   suchlike services and conditions  that you can find  and buy the product you are looking for very easily. The functions of the warehouse we tried to adjust to the customers’ require-ments  whitch come up during shopping, and we tried to help your shopping with more info also. To the best  choice to find a suitable product we try to add the most recommendation and info concerning to the product. To the view  the goods we created a multilevel menu structure. The links you can see on the top of the main page  can help you to select the main group of the product and within which there are more sub-groups.   Clicking on the  required group you can see  a detailed list of the products  which are sortable in the sequence. You can select the suitable product here and you can go to the informations page of the product from here. There is a picture of the product and a detailed technical description also on this page. At the bottom of the page you can put the product into the cart. 

We want to make your shopping easy using the quick searching function. The selection can be easier  giving a  word  or a part of a word only  and you can search in an identification or denomination or a description of a product.

Before your first shopping in our web warehouse you have to make a registration giving your personal data.

Your  registration has more advantages:

At your next shopping you have to give your identification and password only.

A valid order you can give  after registration, and by giving your delivery and billing data. You can do it on the right side of the page by using the link modification the user data. During registration you have to fill the data sheet logically. Naturally you can give an other delivery and billing addresse also so you can send parcels too from our web warehouse.

Before or after your registration you can put the product into your cart. Cliking on the detailled cart button you can send your order or you can take a modification or cancellation too in your cart’s content.  Clicking onto the payment button  you can select the way of the payment and delivery. After giving the  delivery addresse our web warehouse software will calculate the charge of delivery you have to pay.