About us


Our Company was established in year 1992 as Interkomfort Műszaki és Kereskedelmi Kft. (Interkomfort Technical and Commercial Ltd).

Our main activity is providing commercial and technical services for domestic and multinational companies in Hungary in the fields of fire technique and air conditioning.

We supply our customers with special and rare parts, which are commercially not available. We import these special parts of machines, fire equipment, and air conditioners directly from their manufacturers. Also, we trade parts for machining equipment, sheet forming machines, pneumatic systems as well as for burning equipment used in the field of fire technique.



„ Because even the world's best mechanic has too little knowledge to repair anything without the right components.”



                                            Mr. László Major

                                                     Managing Director



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Presentation to introduce our Company: here

For our customers, we distribute the products of a number of foreign and domestic manufacturers:

Industrial gas technique:

 - Pneumatics
 - Control systems
 - Oil and gas burners
 - Air conditioners
 - Other special industrial parts

Our offering for our partners is as follows: a high standard of services, discounts, and outstandingly fast delivery times according to the needs of our customers.

The products we deal with, in brief:

 - Oil and gas control automation
  (kromschröder, satronic, landys & gyr, danfoss)
 - Pumps (for oil or water)
  (suntec, grundfos, wilo, danfoss)
 - Measuring instruments in the fields of environmental protection and smoke analysis
  (kromschröder, mru, testo)
 - Opto elements and uv pipes
  (kromschröder, satronic , danfoss)
 - Ignition transformators
  (kromschröder, satronic, danfoss, landys & gyr)
 - Magnetic valves for gas, water, oil and compressed air
  (kromschröder, dungs , asco, steiger, danfoss)
 - Gas burners 
  (gb ganz, hegwein, kromschröder, pyronics, weisshaupt)
 - Gas meters
  (elster, schlumberger, mgmt)
 - Manometers , with pipe spring, or u-piping
  (kromschröder, manotherm, wika, thurmatherm)
 - Flexible connecting pipes equipped with connecting parts of all sizes, gas and oil compensators, etc
  (kromschröder, stordy)
 - Thermostats, pressure switches
  (kromschröder, danfoss, ranco, imit)
 - Filters for gas, oil or compressed air
  (kromschröder, dungs)
 - Stop valves and control valves
  (kromschröder, el-o-matic, isg , klinger)


Our Company is the founder member of EMTEK (First Hungarian Cluster for Fire- and Air-Technology and Energy)


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Established in year 1992